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The glory of Google Alerts, Twitter and friends that care is that you can be quite efficient in staying on top of issues that matter to you. Issues that matter to me and this blog: sugar & alcohol addiction, spirituality and the ketogenic diet.

The connection among these issues may not seem straightforward, but it is real. For me, an addiction is happening when consumption of a substance cannot be controlled or stopped without help of a spiritual nature (a community, a higher power, etc). For me, the purpose of a spiritual practice is to remove barriers to my connection to God which is my natural state. For me, alcohol and sugar are barriers to God because I hate myself when I consume them and my mind is very clouded – a most unnatural state. Circle closed.
Here are some articles that crossed my desk this week that I highly recommend:

On new sobriety from alcohol: “Wine. Immediately.” The depressing reason so many women drink. This snarky article compares drinking to an Instagram filter for our lives. It highlights how we let drinking whitewash our emotions and tolerate the intolerable.

On the ketogenic diet: “8 Things They Never Told You About the Keto Diet.” I do not know who “they” are, because all of this information is out there. Nonetheless, this article does a great job of pointing out the easily manageable pitfalls of transitioning to keto and celebrates the benefits of this way of eating.

How A Course in Miracles helps on a daily basis: “How To Get Your Family Off Your Nerves This Holiday.” Full of practical hints for navigating this emotionally-charged time of year, I appreciate that it references one of the most powerful lessons in ACIM: “There are two types of acts. Acts of love and cries for love and our only appropriate response is a loving one.

On sugar addiction: “Thinking of a New Year’s resolution? Health expert suggests people give up this ‘addiction.'” This article from gives a good lay explanation of why sugar is the new nicotine.

Happy navigating around the internet and a most happy holiday season to you and yours! Michelle


10 thoughts on “Recent Articles Worth Reading If You Enjoy This Site”

  1. Superb site. I too love this topic. Helping people to get rid of addiction is Nobel. Love the design and the content. Keep it up and thanks

  2. Hi!

    This was an interesting read, I never thought about substances in this way.
    Sugar, alcohol, probably other things, make you feel good at a certain moment, but this feeling doesn’t last long or you regret it a moment later, or a day later.

  3. I love the keto one and New year’s sugar one.
    I’ve was eating a HFLC diet for the past couple of years but have recently had to up the carbs to put weight back on. This is another pitfall for Keto and no sugar diets, you can lose too much weight.
    Thanks for sharing these great articles Michelle.

    • Hi Vince – Yes, keeping weight on can be a problem since appetite declines so much eating LCHF. At least your body will be metabolizing carbs in a healthier fashion and I doubt all the carbs you are adding back in are M&Ms! Happy holidays, Michelle

  4. Hello, I enjoyed all the information you provided. And I truly vibe with you about sugar. I have not had any sugar in the last 20 years . It has totally changed my ability to think and be in the world. I am so glad you are making this a priority. For processed sugar can be devastating to all parts of wanting to grow healthy. Great job and thanks! ariel

    • Wow, Ariel! Twenty year free of sugar?!? Now THAT is sugar sobriety! What a beautiful example you are! Thank you for letting us know that it CAN be done. Truly, Michelle

  5. Hi michelle,
    Great article on sugar sobriety, it really resonates this time of the year in particular. As we head into the final 2 weeks of the year when many people have their days and evening filled with sugary sweet and glasses of wine and other alcohols. I think it certainly bears thinking about in this time for sure. Great of you to share these insightful article with other great links for support during this somewhat stressful time of the year. Thanks again!
    Mat A.

    • Hi Mat – Thank you for commenting!  I hope you are enjoying the holidays.  Best, Michellee


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